Values and attitude

Our passion sustains us, our ambitions spur us on and our entrepreneurial spirit makes us successful.

  • with humility and respect for human diversity.
  • with courage and curiosity for the unknown.
  • with expertise and an interest in sustainable impact.

Identity and origin

Where we come from and where we are going…
September 1, 2010 marks the birth of today’s Lumturo AG. It was then that Marco Petoia began to accompany his first clients with passion and competence.
To this day, we continue to develop not only professionally but also as a company. We experience change and steer and initiate it from within. Today, we are based in Zurich, work with our clients both nationally and internationally and have access to a strong network.

We accompany and support you on the way to achieving your goals and overcoming challenges. Our approach is divided into three phases:

Our three work phases:

The encounter
Get to know each other, clarify framework conditions, set goals

The movement
Working on objectives, interim evaluation

The development
Implement strategies and measures, final evaluation

Our attitude
As collegial companions, we treat you with respect, appreciation and on an equal footing at all times. Additions…impartiality etc..

Our basics and foundation
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Quality and framework conditions

As members of the bso professional association for coaching, supervision and organizational consulting, we are committed to the highest quality standards and professional ethical guidelines. It is no coincidence that our founder Marco Petoia is also a board member of the bso.

We are subject to a duty of confidentiality. Information is not collected and passed on without the consent of the persons involved. One exception, in accordance with bso regulations, is our own anonymous reflection on our counseling activities in intervision and supervision.

For further quality assurance, the bso maintains an ombudsman’s office in the event of complaints from clients against members of the association.

The fees are based on the work involved and the scope of the order, as well as the infrastructure required.

We take responsibility

We are actively committed to fairness, equality and diversity. We support social causes and are socially committed ourselves.

We use the planet’s valuable resources carefully and sparingly. As a company, we are 100% climate neutral. We consistently pursue the 1st waiver approach, 2. avoid, 3. recycle and 4.

Myclimate is our partner for effective climate protection – locally and globally. Every year we are audited by myclimate and offset 100% of theCO2 emissions caused.

Was Kunden über uns sagen:

I have never felt so hopeful and happy in my life, and it’s all thanks to the great coaching that Mr. Petoia offers. I have been having difficult times in my private and work life, and I was at a point where I thought no one could help me. I decided to start doing coaching few months ago, and honestly everything changed - my days have become brighter and my life has become better. Mr. Petoia is an extraordinary person nd does a GREAT job. I'll be forever thankful.
A.E. Berne, Switzerland
Claudia Pfister, Abteilungsleiterin, Confiserie Sprüngli AG
Wir haben uns sofort sehr wohl gefühlt und wurden toll empfangen. Es war eine ganz andere Art eines Coachings, nicht wie sonst mit viel Theorie und gelangweilten Teilnehmer. Es wurden wirklich Fälle aus dem Alltag behandelt, was ich richtig super fand. Alle machten mit und waren begeistert. Wir haben zusammen die Ziele erreicht und waren gemeinsam erfolgreich, richtig gut für den Spirit und die Motivation. Marco hat uns gut moderiert und wertvolle Inputs vermittelt. Komme gerne wieder!!
Claudia Pfister, Abteilungsleiterin, Confiserie Sprüngli AG
Dank Marco’s Unterstützung konnte ich meine Persönlichkeit enorm weiterentwickeln. Marco vermag sehr gut auf Menschen einzugehen und etwas zu bewirken. Ich schätze seine Ehrlichkeit, seine Hartnäckigkeit und die Fähigkeit zu erkennen, wenn der Ansatz geändert werden muss um im Prozess weiterzukommen. Für mich brachte das Coaching einen sehr grossen Mehrwert und es gibt nichts, dass ich anders machen würde. Ich hoffe, dass noch viele weitere Klienten diesen Mehrwert für sich in Anspruch nehmen und selber erfahren dürfen, wie viel in einem steckt wenn die richtigen Register gezogen werden.
Marianne Binder, Führungskraft
Es ist Marco Petoia auf eine sympathische, professionelle und kompetente Art gelungen, den Change Prozess aufzuzeigen, durch (Selbst)Reflexion zu be- und erleben und für die Rolle als Coach zu transportieren.
Nadja Fuchs, Bereichsleiterin Coaching und Mtgl. Geschäftsleitung